November 19, 2022

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is intensifying its Dual Training System (DTS) in its technical-vocational (tech-voc) courses to address challenges in the TVET sector.

In his message during DTS Week, Deputy Director General Tonisito Umali noted that TESDA’s DTS provides an effective way to train students not only with the theories, basic skills, and general education but also the practical knowledge they will gain from industries.

“Our trainees, through the help of our partner industries, are given the opportunity to be exposed to actual work conditions and get hands-on experience and guidance from equally qualified training coordinators,” he said.

“Moreover, apart from skills proficiency and increased productivity, the DTS also enables them to acquire work ethics and value development,” he added.

The DTS is a training modality that combines theoretical and practical training. It is called dual training because learning takes place alternately in two venues: the school or training center and the company or workshop.

It is also one of the training modalities under TESDA’s Enterprise-Based Training (EBT). Other EBT programs are Program on Accelerating Farm School Establishment (PAFSE), Apprenticeship Program, Learnership Program, and Supervised Industry Learning.

DDG Umali pointed out that strengthening the DTS in the country will help address the unemployment and skills gap, especially among the youth and those who finished high school and tech-voc courses.

“We have to affirm that there will never be a shortage of needs and opportunities, whether locally or internationally, for the Filipino middle-level workforce whose skills are aligned and meet global standards,” the TESDA official said.

The DTS week is celebrated every October 21 to 28 to promote continuing interest among the WET stakeholders. It is envisioned to provide an opportunity for linkages in the adoption and implementation of dual training with industry partners and institutions.

It is also celebrated by virtue of Proclamation No. 884 s. 1996. This year’s theme was "Sa TESDA at Industriya, Ekonomiya ay Aarangkada.” (30)

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