I. Program Description

The National Assessment Day is a two-day simultaneous conduct of free assessment and certification services on a nationwide scale. This activity shall be conducted in all accredited assessment centers in partnerships with companies and industries, local government units (LGUs), national government agencies (NGAs) and other TVET stakeholders.

II. Objectives

  1. To sustain and further expand the public awareness of the TESDA Competency Assessment and Certification Program;
  2. To promote industry acceptance and recognition on the value of certification in quality assuring the competencies of workers;
  3. To enhance employment opportunities and entrepreneurial prospects through TESDA certifications.

III. Coverage

  1. All TESDA-promulgated qualifications with Competency Assessment Tools (CATs) shall be available for assessment.
  2. The National Assessment Day shall be conducted in all accredited assessment centers nationwide.
  3. The free assessment and certification services shall be open to the following:
    • Interested industry workers who have the work experience to perform the competencies as defined in the respective Training Regulations;
    • Career shifters and unemployed adults who are looking for jobs;
    • Graduates of TVET programs; and
    • Teachers, trainers and other individuals who have undergone training in TM I and interested to be certified TVET Trainers and/or TESDA Accredited Assessors

IV. List of Assessment Center

V. List of Registered Candidates per Region

VI. Picture Gallery