Vickie Rushton tells more about her TESDA online training; sends message to fellow learners

01 May 2020
“I know these courses will enhance my skills and contribute to my growth. We grow through learning and through learning we inspire and change our perspective about life,” says Vickie Rushton. 
With the extension of enhanced community quarantine, Vickie Marie Milagrosa Rushton took to social media to encourage the public to use their free time by taking online training courses through the TESDA Online Program (TOP).  
Last week, the 27-year old beauty queen and actress posted in her Facebook and Instagram accounts her training certificates and some of her notes obtained from her TOP training.  
Her posts have reached thousands of reactions and shares from the netizens.  
TESDA immediately reached out to Rushton and thanked her for promoting the Agency’s online platform.
In an interview with TESDA, Rushton shared how the public has been very receptive to her posts. “They are thankful that I shared it. I’ve been receiving lots of messages telling me how I inspired them to enroll. Nakakatuwa po kasi pinapakita nila sa akin ang Certificate of Completion nila. It feels so good that I was able to encourage them to do the same. It feels fulfilling every time they tag me and send me a message,” Rushton said.
 “Around past midnight when I couldn’t sleep and thought of doing something that would curb my boredom while on quarantine, I thought of studying online and searched for “Online Courses Philippines”. That’s when I learned about TESDA Online Program and enrolled myself, Rushton explained.
"Since most of us are on our phones (I’m guilty of that too) because social media usually gets our full attention, let’s try to use our phone in a productive way. TESDA Online Program offers 68 online courses for free that you can learn in your own pace,” Rushton added.
The beauty queen has already completed three courses under the sectors Agriculture, Entrepreneurship and 21st Century Skills since she signed up on April 13.  
In her field of work, skills on proper social etiquette are very important for her. This is why she first took up ‘Responding to Workplace Communication’ under the 21st Century Skills category.  
“What I like about this course is that it’s not only useful in the workplace but also applicable to everyday life. I also have a small business and problems are inevitable. I can only deal with these problems if I have a clear understanding about what is happening. It is important to listen before responding,” Rushton said.  
Influenced by her mother, Rushton has grown fond of gardening and so she also completed the ‘Fruit Grower’ course under the Agriculture sector. She also dreams of having her own farm in the future.  
“Since I love gardening, it broadened my knowledge about growing plants and the importance of having a sustainable garden or ‘survival garden’ in our backyards,” Rushton said in her social media posts.  
Her most recent online training is ‘Managing Your Personal Finances’ under Entrepreneurship category.  
“Money doesn’t grow on trees. We need to work hard for it. Minsan sobrang bilis lang din maubos. If hindi tayo marunong mag-handle ng pera, magtataka na lang tayo kung saan napunta ang perang pinaghirapan natin. This course taught me the importance of saving money and to live within your means.”
Rushton also shared with TESDA that, given the chance, she likes to take up actual skills training on Cookery and Baking.  
Rushton also shared her message to the public, “I know what’s happening now is something new to all of us. Just know that whatever you are feeling now is valid - it’s okay to be scared and anxious but always remember to be gentle with yourself. There could be days that you don’t want to do anything, that’s fine, don’t pressure yourself, and on days that you want to be productive, start something new - read a book, write in your journal, cook a new dish, paint, learn, and a lot more. So, I would like to encourage everyone to enroll and if you’re interested you can visit for more details.”
She adds, “To my TOP classmates, keep it up! You inspire me too. I hope after this quarantine we are able to discover a lot about ourselves. God bless you po!”
As of April 30, Rushton is among the 314, 768 Filipinos who have registered for TESDA’s free online classes since the start of the enhanced community quarantine period. The TOP has accumulated a total of more than 1.6 million registered users since it was created in 2012.  
With the assistance of the Department of Information and Communications Technology, the TOP has also migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud to accommodate the influx of enrollees during this period. (END) 

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