Arteche National Agricultural School (ANAS) - Arteche and Oras Campus

Address: Arteche and Oras Eastern Samar
Phone #: '09056052289

Tech-Voc Course Offerred
Agricultural Technology (Bundled Qualifications in Agricultural Crops Production NC III, Organic Agriculture Production NC II & Horticulture NC III ) 1,122 hours Domingo B. Ero
Food Technology (Bundled Qualifications in Cookery NC II and Bread and Pastry Production NC II ) 457 hours Domingo B. Ero
Wellness Services (Bundled Qualifications in Massage Therapy NC II and Driving NC II ) 678 hours Domingo B. Ero
Health Services (Bundled Qualifications in Caregiving NC II and Driving NC II ) 904 hours Domingo B. Ero
Construction and Metal Technology (Bundled Qualifications in Carpentry NC II, Shielded Metal Arc Welding NC II and Plumbing NC II ) 632 hours Domingo B. Ero
Hospitality Services (Bundled Qualifications in Food and Beverage Services NC II and Housekeeping NC II) 792 hours Domingo B. Ero