TVET Glossary of Terms

This glossary of terms intends to provide the TESDA key players, partners, and stakeholders an online and updated TVET information, concepts, to bring common understanding and clarification on the use of TESDA terminologies.

STUDY ON THE EMPLOYABILITY OF TVET GRADUATES (SETG) a survey which aims to measure the relevance and effectiveness of TVET programs in terms of employment and other employment-related indicators of TVET graduates.
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SUB-STATE ASSISTANCE COUNCIL (SUB-SAC) a sub-unit of the SAC to assist in each of the three levels of private education, i.e. secondary education, post-secondary vocational and technical education and higher education. It shall provide support and technical assistance particularly in the formulation of guidelines and criteria within the framework of GASTPE Law.
Source: (RA 8545/GASTPE Law)
SUPERVISED INDUSTRY TRAINING (SIT) / ON-THE-JOB TRAINING (OJT) an approach in training designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of the trainee through actual experience in the workplace to acquire specific competencies
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SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (OR GLOBAL GOALS) a set of 17 “Global Goals” with 169 targets between that call for action by all countries to end poverty with strategies that build economic growth and addresses a range of social needs including education, health, social protection, and job opportunities, while tackling climate change and environmental protection.
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TASK a discrete, assignable unit of work that has an identifiable beginning and end, containing two or more steps which when performed, leads to a product, service or decision. This is normally performed within a specified period of time.
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TASK ANALYSIS the process of analyzing each task to determine the steps involved, performance standards, tools, and equipment needed, related knowledge, safety, attitudes, and decisions expected of workers performing it.
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TAX INCENTIVES a host of tax benefits given to participating schools and companies in the Dual Training System. These are tax deductions from taxable income for dual training expenses, donations and contributions granted to participating establishments and tax-free importation of equipment, apparatus, and materials to participating schools/training centers.
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TECHNICAL CONSULTING a service provided by TVET trainer in a particular area for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
Source: (TESDA Circular No. 33 s. 2017)
TECHNICAL EDUCATION refers to the education process designed at post-secondary and lower tertiary levels, officially recognized as non-degree programs aimed at preparing technicians, paraprofessionals and other categories of middle-level workers by providing them with a broad range of general education, theoretical, scientific, artistic and technological studies, social services and related job skills training.
Source: (RA 7796/TESDA Law)
TECHNICAL EDUCATION AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEES (TESDCs) refer to the Regional and Provincial Technical Education and Skills Development Committees established by the Authority at the Regional and local levels to coordinate and monitor the delivery of Skills development activities by the public and private sectors.
Source: (RA 7796/TESDA Law)

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